Toronto’s Best Known Canoe Trip – The Grand River of Southern Ontario

If asking where to find a canoe adventure near Toronto… one will find themselves facing “West” to the largest canoeing destination in Southern Ontario… the Grand River. At one time the Grand was unknown, the “North” was the place to canoe. But with the shrinking “holiday dollar”, the website-ease of being found, and intense conservation management… the Grand River watershed has quickly become the #1 canoe route of Southern Ontario.

People in Toronto want the wilderness canoeing experience, but they don’t want the endurance of heavy cottage traffic. Easy access to the Grand Valley has opened up the flood gates of Toronto. To go canoeing, one simply hops on the nearby 401 or 403, drives west, and within 60-90 minutes is paddling the Grand River.

People from the metros want to experience the wild with nearby conveniences. They want gas bars, fast food, corner stores and flush toilets! The river towns of Cambridge, Paris and Brantford meet these needs. One can do 12 kilometer wilderness canoeing between towns. A “spartan” endurance is not required to enjoy the canoe trip.

People from Toronto want to know where they can rent canoes, who to trust and what their dollar buys. Typing in words “Grand river canoe trips” opens those website doors of where one can rent boats. For reliability, it is wise to check arms-length customer reviews like Trip Advisor, Canadian Canoe Routes ( choose Grand River) or Yelp. Prices vary with the route selected, lessons or guides and quality of equipment-services.

The Grand River has two different 12 kilometer sections of canoeing to match the skill level. Bean Park to the Brant Conservation Area is the recommended beginner route (called the Cayuga). Glen Morris to Paris ( Oneida) is not for beginners… there are risks and things can happen. Always better to be skilled at steering a canoe before paddling the Oneida route. For the skilled canoeist… the combination from Glen Morris to Brant Conservation is the best choice.

A canoe lesson before starting is worth the investment. Learning to canoe takes more skill then learning to kayak. People who don’t know, waste lots of energy steering the canoe and exhausting themselves. For those who want to learn about the valley… an interpretative guide makes the area come alive.

Rental companies that cuts prices can be cutting services. Make sure all the equipment is there… map, safety kit, paddles, life-jackets and a good boat. As a first timer, avoid companies offer mass customer canoe launches. Choose a service that will take time to review all information with individual groups to insure they understand the route. Such attention is well worth the peace of mind!

With equipment & instruction supplied… the canoe trip begins. For most people the river is the biggest surprise. To be sixty miles from Toronto, drifting into a wilderness of beauty & wildlife, is totally unexpected. This amazing setting has not happen by accident. Through diligent work, foresight and intensive management practices… the Grand River Conservation Authority (G.R.C.A.) is the author behind this success story.

In 1960 the Grand River was a cesspool… one did not swim, fish or canoe in it. The G.R.C.A. did four key things: sewage management, reforestation of the watershed, river flow control and support of no-till farming. With these efforts water quality improved… and species of fish, animals and birds returned.

Trip Advisor – Pack Your Suitcases – Vacations That Wont Break The Bank!

Many people find it easier to have a good time when they’re not draining their bank accounts. Even with a down economy and people becoming more conscious about their funds, vacations plans need not suffer! There is no need to cancel family vacation plans; you can still have a wonderful family vacation, without taking out a loan or going bankrupt.


Getting back to nature has long been great for a getaway that doesn’t cost much. Since restaurants are expensive, camping allows you to pack your own food and the savings add up there alone. Parking an RV, or pitching a tent on a campsite, can be a small fraction of the cost of a posh hotel. With free activities such as swimming, fishing and campfires, there is no need to increase the budget for activities.


Many people think cruises are expensive and out of their reach. On the contrary, if you go during certain periods of time, a cruise can be very cost effective. Cruises provide free entertainment as well as all you can eat food bars. One can select cabins that do not have a view for lower fares. While a smaller cabin might be uncomfortable, there are so many things to do aboard the ship, that you only need it to sleep. For a low cost a family can enjoy a super vacation across the open sea.

Orlando, Florida

If one is willing to take in a time share session or two, Orlando can be the place to go. Things are packaged together and often include free theme park tickets, if you can sit through a sales session. Hotels and rental cars in this area tend to be on the cheaper end of the spectrum. While tickets to the major theme parks are expensive, there are lots of ways to get quick discounts. Every child loves Disneyworld and all the sites in Orlando that go along with it. By doing some research, Orlando can be a cost effective solution for vacation.

Las Vegas

One might be surprised to see Vegas on the list. Vegas can actually be very cost effective. The hotels main goal is to get one into their casinos. Often package deals including air fare, rental car and hotels, are hard to beat. Dozens of economical buffets and attractions are mere ploys to pull one into the gambling arena. If you can stay away from the slots, Vegas can be a wonderfully cheap vacation. But if one has some extra funds, the shows in this area are unbelievable.


The latest trend in vacationing, is to have a staycation. This is simply where one stays around their local town viewing all the sites. Sounds boring, not really, here is a list of things one can do close to home:

•Attend a baseball or other sport game

•Visit local zoo’s, or amusement parks

•Visit relatives that you do not always get to because of busy schedules

•Have a picnic in the park

•Fish, swim and do water activities at a nearby lake

•Museums and other tourist attractions

With careful planning, one can have the perfect vacation and money to spare. Just because the economy is downward, does not mean that we do not all still need a getaway. By being creative, ones family can come up with the perfect vacation getaway.

Trip Advisor

Man has always yearned to explore and visit new places. Traveling helps us learn acquire knowledge, experience novel cultures and see new places. We all love to travel don’t we? Maybe pack our bags and visit some exotic islands or take a hike up the mountains.

Planning is a must, every trip needs proper arrangement for smoother execution; an unplanned trip can be demoralizing or worse you may not even enjoy it. Pre-arrangement of all necessary requirements for traveling anywhere should be delved into before you head out of the door.

There are many ways in which you can make your trip safe and enjoyable; it is a good idea to opt for plastic money, rather than hard cash this ensures that your money will not be stolen. Of course! You will need some amount of cash for petty expenses, but keep it minimal.

Clothing is another important matter that has to be considered seriously. A bit of “Google” to know about the weather of your destination will help you determine the right sort of clothes; you can pack up for this trip.

It is also very important to stay connected to your family and friends, we now have enough innovations in communication, it is amazing to think how small the world has shrunk to in terms of connecting electronically. Staying in touch and updating your family and friends about your daily whereabouts, will also be of immense help, if you are lost or in emergency. So do apply for roaming facility for your mobile phone, before setting off.

It also helps to be a little affable; this approach can earn you goodwill from the locals of the place you are visiting. You need all the assistance you can, in a place which is alien to you so be friendly, outspoken and charismatic, but do keep your limitations as being over-friendly also has its downsides.

Also travel light, carrying lighter loads will give you more mobility and will ensure fewer hassles at airports, carry only the essentials. There are other ways in which you can make your trip hassle-free and pleasurable. So the next time you are planning for an excursion, make it worth the time and money you are investing on it. Bon Voyage!

Save Money and Time Using a Reputable Trip Advisor to Help Organise Your Next Trip Abroad

Planning all the details of a holiday yourself can be time consuming, expensive, and it can be so stressful, it can often take all the enjoyment from the holiday. Instead of spending time trying to organise every detail, or worrying about making bookings, many people work with a reputable Trip Advisor to help them.

A Trip Advisor will have the local knowledge you need to help you get the best prices for travel tickets, accommodation and sight-seeing tours. Whether you are planning a business trip or a longed for dream holiday, having access to the best advice and insider knowledge can make a huge difference to your itinerary and your budget!

If you are already a seasoned traveller, you will know that often additional expenses can crop up, if travel arrangements fall through as a result of cancellations, weather, or any other unforeseen situations. A Trip Advisor is a fantastic service to have on board in these situations. They will have no problem finding you the best, and cheapest alternatives, whether that is train tickets, flights, or hotel accommodation for additional nights.

Their knowledge and expertise will be used to give you the best service and the very best advice. Even car hire, entertainment options, and the best restaurants will be information your trip Advisor will know, and be able to give you. No more worrying about trying to book flights, no more concerns about the quality of the hotel.

Everything can be pre-organised and you will be able to relax as you enjoy comfortable travelling.

This is particularly important for business travellers. Successful business people don’t have time to take care of all the travel details as well as deal with the business of the day! And nor should they. Trip Advisors take on the role of ‘travel manager’ taking care of all the details, so that important business people can attend meetings, conferences, and key events without having to concern themselves with additional matters like transport and accommodation. And for corporations who have a team of business professionals travelling extensively, this can be a huge money, and time saver.

Young people travelling around the world, during gap years, are also benefitting from the services of a reputable Trip Advisor. Budget can be of huge importance to young people, and of course, parents will want to know their young adult children are safe as they enjoy their international adventures to foreign shores. By hiring a professional team to help with all the arrangements, you can be certain that your trip will be well organised, with the right travel arrangements, and accommodation bookings.

Some people do prefer to be more hands on when organising their holidays and travel arrangements. Trip Advisors can also work with individuals who want a little more freedom. They can provide advice and suggestions but leave the final choice up to each individual customer, creating a bespoke holiday experience like no other.

Trip Advisor Marrakech Can Be Extremely Helpful

Whenever you intend on travelling to some country or place you are not really familiar with such as Marrakech in Morocco, what preparations and arrangements do you usually make? It would obviously be a “no brainer” if you just went to the airport and took that flight to your destination and hope to make your way through some foreign country that you do not have the slightest clue about. Careful planning for your trip would be the best way to go and this is where Trip advisor Marrakech comes in handy.

Trip is a very popular hotel review site and is a valuable online tool that would surely help make your trip a lot less stressful which is something that a lot of us “travel bugs” look forward to every time we travel. It is a site that gives us up-to-date information on hotels, flights, and restaurants plus – they even have a travel guide.

This site plays host to an online community of travelers whom I find very helpful in providing me with much needed information such as hotel and restaurant reviews as well as some useful travel tips I would never get from any other source. Trip advisor Marrakech has been extremely helpful to me since this is where I got a lot of information on Marrakech hotels and riads. It is like a friend pointing out the right direction for you.

Marrakech in Morocco could be one big culture shock for any traveler who makes the mistake of not doing the necessary bit of research about how this place treats tourists. I have heard a lot of “horror stories” about people getting ripped off by the locals and worse. The Trip advisor traveler forum is a great way to get first hand information on places you should avoid and gives you an idea of how the people of this culture think.

Trip advisor Marrakech is where I found the perfect hotel accommodation the first time I visited the Red City. I was never disappointed with the level of service I got from this hotel that I found through one of their reviews. Let me be honest in telling you that some of the feedback that I read in the forums are not that accurate and are somewhat biased but, you should realize that everybody is entitled to his/her own opinion.

We should also be open to the fact that, what works for us may not work for some people and it is best to leave it that way. Nevertheless, I would say that some of the best experiences I had in Marrakech happened because I got help from Trip advisor. I do not think I would’ve enjoyed my trip if I had not done most of my research on this site.

My Marrakech hammam experience was indeed a very pleasurable one. Thanks to Trip advisor where I got the hottest info on which hammams to check out and which ones to avoid. I also got an up-close Moroccan experience by visiting Djemaa El Fna which is the main square of Marrakech. Shopping in the Souks was also one of the great experiences worth sharing about.

If you are planning to visit the Red City in Morocco, be sure to check out Trip advisor Marrakech first. It has been extremely helpful on my end and I honestly do not think I would be having as much fun as I had if not for the invaluable information I got from the generous and hospitable members of Trip Have a safe trip! Till next time!